Bruce Levenson Has Everyone Excited About Do Good Institute

From the corporate offices in the media business to the owner’s box at the NBA courts, and now as an advisor to non-profit organizations, Bruce Levenson is still hard at work. Right now he’s trying to show young people just how amazing philanthropy can be at Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. So far many students at UMD have gotten excited and are eager to put their ideas to work to give back to needy communities. Prior to the latest seed funding Levenson has given to Do Good, Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks to Tony Ressler, Grant Hill and several other new owners after owning the team for 12 years, reports

Levenson is the Chairman and owner of Unified Communications Group (UCG), a newsletter and technology research company that he and his friend Ed Peskowitz founded in 1977. Levenson went into journalism after completing his bachelor’s degree at Washington University, and though he did attend law school and receive a J.D., he never officially practiced law. He began by writing for the Washington Star but decided he wanted to write newsletters for specific industries. Years later Levenson helped start a subsidiary in TechTarget that spun out of UCG and became an independent publicly-traded company.

Levenson has taken his business expertise to philanthropy in the way that he has talked about by Benzinga at Do Good Institute. One of his passions is higher education for lower income students in the Washington D.C. community, and as president of Hoop Dreams he was able to fund scholarships for these students. Levenson is also an advocate of peace in Israel, and in a joint effort with organizations like Seeds of Peace he wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to explore peace options with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Levenson also helped organize an event encouraging an end to bigotry and racism known as “Concert Against Hate.”

Jeremy Goldstein Is Trusted By All

There are individuals as well as businesses that need legal help in several areas. Due to this reason, The New York State Bar Association is presenting an online option to them. This allows people to get access to a reputed as well as a trustworthy lawyer who is in their community or close by. This will be welcomed by people as many are not aware that they have good lawyers nearby.


Still, there are a few lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein. They are trusted by all and enjoy undisputed reputation. A number of reasons are there that have taken him to these heights. One of these is the posts which he is holding today. Currently, he is the chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee which is a part of the Executive Compensation Committee. This is the business section of the American Bar Association.


Jeremy Goldstein is writing and speaking frequently on various topics related to corporate governance along with executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein is among the best executive compensation lawyers present in this area. His name is listed in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business as well as The Legal 500.


He has earned a J.D. from New York University School of Law. In addition, he holds an M.S. degree from the University of Chicago. He has done his B.A. from the Cornell University.


The New York State Bar Association is providing an online platform today. This has been developed along with in partnership.


This way a big association of lawyers is managing to redefine the scaling of legal services and their delivery. This will ensure that the services are able to reach a much higher number of people at affordable costs. It will help to become the trusted destination for all those consumers and businesses which rely on the New York law.


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Copa Star Hospital Improves Life for Copacabana Hospital Patients

Can a hospital replicate the experience of a luxury hotel, lessening the stress on patients and their visitors alike? Rede D’Or São Luiz thinks so. The largest independent hospital operator in Brazil employed this groundbreaking concept in the Hospital Copa Star in Copacabana, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported, a private investment group from the United States invested $600 million in Rede D’Or São Luiz. In return, the investment group received an 8.3% stake. The hospital operator’s investment into the Copa Star Hospital included acquiring the latest technology in all of its medical equipment.

Rede D’Or São Luiz’s president has emphasized the importance of bringing world-class surgical hospital care to the Copacabana neighborhood. Before the Copa Star Hospital was built, Dr. Jorge Moll has said, patients in urgent need of complex surgeries had to be flown to Sao Paolo to be treated at Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital or Syrian-Lebanese Hospital. To further serve the people of Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Star Hospital works with Brazil’s premium health care plans and accepts all forms of payment.

Copa Star Hospital’s patients are equipped with tables in their hospital rooms, to make it easy for them to meet with doctors and other medical professionals without having to lie in their beds. They’re also given individual control over the air condition and lights in their rooms so they can more easily see to their own comfort and have a better sense of control over their own situation.

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At Copa Star, the smell of hospital disinfectant has been replaced with the aroma of fresh citrus and cold fluorescent lights have been replaced with natural lighting. Hospital staff have their own corridors so that patients and their family and friends are free to wonder the halls. Staff have also undergo two months of extensive training so everyone is on board with how the newer and more comforting philosophy operates in all situations, including emergencies.

The Copa Star Hospital employs a staff of more than 500 workers, including more than 100 medical professionals. Operations inside the hospital are electronically coordinated using the iPad and a mobile app that all the staff can download.

Visitors to Hospital Copa Star are also treated to luxuries and innovations designed to make their visit to sick and injured family members as stress-free and pleasant as possible. These amenities include extended visiting hours, access to television and wifi, and a special restaurant for them.

Rede D’Or São Luiz is certain its investment in Copacabana health care will pay off in a better quality of life for those in need of hospital services. Its luxury, hotel-like, patient-centered experience is expected to help patients recover faster and, ultimately, live longer. Visit the site to know more.

Betsy DeVos Looks At Her Successes And Thinks About Her Efforts

There are a few people that are very effective in what they do. They take the time to make sure that they have something that is effective at bringing the needed results. With Betsy DeVos, she is very passionate about education. She wants children to have the best education possible. Therefore, she is always at work when it comes to bringing forth improvements to the school systems. With her passion for school choice, she has made it possible for children get high quality education no matter what their location is. Therefore, more children have the chance to advance to higher levels of education.

One thing that Betsy DeVos does that is very effective for her campaign is look at her successes. It is important for people to look at their accomplishments so that they can determine what their next goal is. Among the ways that Betsy DeVos takes a look at her accomplishments is through interviews. She takes the time to talk with people about her plans and her achievements. One good thing with interviews is that she can inspire others to take part in what she is doing. When she explains her purpose, she is not only inspiring people but also gaining ideas on what she could do to better help with the circumstances in education.

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One good thing that Betsy DeVos has done was take a look at herself and her goals in order to see what she could do better. This is a very admirable thing about Betsy DeVos. She is someone who has a lot of humility in what she is doing. Therefore, she understands that she is not perfect. She is always looking for ways to improve on what she is doing. She could also gain some perspective and insights from other people.

People in communities need as much help as they can get in order to move forward. It is important to be thoughtful about the type of help that one can give to others. The best thing that Betsy does is look closely at the issue to find a solution that is going to stick. Visit Betsy’s profile on

InnovaCare Health’s Brilliant Leadership

There’s one company in the managed health care industry making big waves, InnovaCare Health. The current President and CEO of InnovaCare Health is Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto joined InnovaCare in a few years ago. Prior to that, he was President and CEO of Aveta Inc. Today, he serves as CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans in Puerto Rico.

It’s because of Dr. Shinto that InnovaCare is the number one managed care provider in Puerto Rico. He has several degrees from the University of California, the State University of New York, and the University of Redlands. Throughout his 20-plus-years career involving clinical and operational healthcare, Dr. Shinto has worked at a number of respected institutions.

He started out serving as COO and Chief Medical Officer for the Medical Pathways Management Company. In 1997, he left Medical Management and began working at Cal Optima Health Plan as their Chief Medical Officer. After obtaining his medical tenure, he joined NAMM.

Another key member of InnovaCare’s leadership is Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides has worked for InnovaCare before. She left to pursue other opportunities but rejoined the company in 2015. Prior to leaving, she was COO of InnovaCare, Inc. and Aveta Inc. Now that she’s rejoined the company, she’s Chief Administrative Officer. Read more about her interview on

During her years away from InnovaCare, she worked for Centerlight HealthCare as Executive VP and COO. There, she oversaw all management and strategic direction of the company’s managed care division. She is also attributed to playing a significant role in the company’s development and implementation of a new health model.

Penelope Kokkinides has demonstrated her expertise numerous times of her 20-plus-years career. She has extensive knowledge of developing clinical programs and managing health care operations. She has a unique talent for improving efficiencies and organizational infrastructure. She has degrees from Binghamton University, New York University, and the Columbia University School of Public Health.

Both of these professionals are the embodiment of what InnovaCare Health is all about. InnovaCare’s mission is to redefine healthcare management. Today’s healthcare environment is too complex and had too many challenges that regular people can’t meet on their own.

That’s where InnovaCare comes into play. Their focus and dedication center on creating unbreakable patient-provider relationships. InnovaCare uses all at its disposal to build sustainable managed care models that maximize coordination, cost-effectiveness, and quality according to

Lifeline Screening, Preventative Healthcare

Lifeline Screening offers over 20 different screenings, but each person only gets the ones that are appropriate to their needs. This is decided by their risk factors, family history, medical history, and any personal preferences the patient has towards screening.

Early identification of risk factors can help determine a person’s risk for stroke or heart attack. If caught early enough, possibly they can get medical care before these actually occur. This is the reason everyone should consider a prevention and wellness plan.

There are three types of preventative health screenings: Ultrasound Screening, Finger-stick Screening, and Electrocardiograph Screening.

Ultrasound Screenings are painless and non-invasive. These are used to monitor several medical conditions. Most people are familiar with these because of pregnant women getting them to watch the growth of their unborn baby.

They ultrasound uses soundwaves to view the parts of the body. High-frequency sound waves are sent to the area and it sends echoes back, which are recorded.

Ultrasounds are used for four different screenings: abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, carotid artery disease screening, ankle-brachial index screening (peripheral arterial disease), and bone mineral density screening (osteoporosis).

The Finger-stick Blood Screening identifies risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Results are given in about 10 minutes.

The following screenings are done with the finger-stick: complex lipid panel screening (cholesterol), glucose screening (diabetes), high sensitivity C-reactive protein screening (cardiovascular disease), and elevated enzymes screening (liver injury).

The Limited Electrocardiograph is used to detect irregular heartbeat, a common heart condition that increases the risk of stroke. It is quick, non-invasive, no preparation or removal of clothes.

The screening results will provide you and your doctor with a better view of your overall health and, if necessary, you can change your lifestyle or begin treatment before serious health problems occur you should see Lifeline Screening.

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