James Larkin Devotion to Workers Rights Despite His Poor Background

James Larkin an Irish was born in 1876 in LiverpoolEngland. James grew up in the slums and very little education. Given that James came from a poor background,he had to help support his family by doing odd jobs.

One of the jobshe did was a foreman at Liverpool docks. James joined the National Union of Dockworkers, and in 1905 he became a full-time trade unionist. The trade union primary role was to fight for the rights of workers something James subscribed to passionately.

James was moved to Dublin by the management of the trade union because they felt uncomfortable about the strike methods he was advocating.

Larkin then left the union to form the Irish transport and general workers union. James aim was to have all laborers under one organization to be able to fight for their rights. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

James through his union was able to champion for an eight hours work day for all.He also pushed for the provision of work for all,pension for all workers,arbitration courts,nationalization of canals and every other means of transport.in 1911 James then formed the Irish labor party and through the party led several strikes in a bid to have better rights for workers.

In 1913 James led the Dublin lockout where more than 100,000 workers were involved for eight months. The Dublin lockout managed to achieve its purpose by winning the right to fair employment for the workers.

James received recognition from the communist international in 1924 for his efforts to fight for the rights of the workers. ConstanceMarkievicz said that the influence James Larkin was anything he has experienced. Larkin methods to create awareness for the workers included strikes and boycott of goods,without theuse of any violence.

His impact was felt far and wide and through him, the worker’s rights significantlyimproved. James was aware of the fact that the firms where the workers worked were equally important and he balanced between the firm’s welfare and the welfare of the workers.

The action of Larkin is atruetestament to his passion for workers right.

Securus Technologies employee peddles system that saves the lives of corrections officers

Each year in the U.S. prison system, hundreds of corrections officers are put in life-or-death situations throughout the course of their work. While being a corrections officer is an inherently dangerous profession, there are many precautions that can be taken in order to limit the exposure to serious injury or death that those tasked with keeping the nation’s prisons safe have to take on.



Locked up, but still committing crime


Robert Johnson spent 15 years of his life as a corrections officer in one of Florida’s most violent maximum-security prisons. Hired on in his early 20s, Johnson quickly proved himself to be an enthusiastic and capable corrections officer, earning a series of promotions as well as the respect and admiration of his supervisors.


By the time Johnson turned 30, he was already a member of the prison’s elite SERT team, which stands for Special Emergency Response Team, and is responsible for intercepting and detecting contraband, dealing with dangerous and violent inmates and other jobs that are considered too dangerous for normal corrections officers to carry out.


On one occasion, as part of his routine duties involving the searches of inmate cells, Johnson uncovered a package that had been hidden underneath one inmate’s bunk bed. The package contained an estimated $50,000 worth of heroin. It was one of the largest single busts in the history of the Florida State Prison System and made Johnson somewhat of a celebrity among the officers.


However, the heroin belonged to a powerful gang operating within the prison, and they didn’t share the enthusiasm towards Johnson’s anti-drug exploits. Using an illegally smuggled cell phone, the gang’s leader was able to communicate with some of his soldiers on the outside. He put out a contract on Johnson’s life, valued at $6,000. An ex-convict who had sworn allegiance to the gang was given the job.


On an early morning, when Johnson was preparing to go to work, the gunman kicked in his front door and fired six shots at nearly point-blank range into Johnson’s stomach and chest. The lifelong corrections officer barely survived, since enduring 23 surgeries and incredible amounts of daily pain.


However, after less than a year of recovering from the nearly fatal incident, Johnson was back at work in the corrections industry. This time, though, Johnson is working for Securus Technologies, one of the leading provider of prison safety technologies in the country. He is working as a salesman, selling a device known as the Wireless Containment System, which Johnson assures clients would have completely prevented the incident that nearly claimed his life from occurring in the first place.


With the ability to detect and intercept 100 percent of unauthorized communications placed from contraband phones, the WCS can stop illegal phone use in the nation’s prisons dead in its tracks.


Party Planning Made Easy

When looking for event planning companies in NYC, you need look no further than Twenty Three Layers. They can help you with venue selection, catering, entertainment and much more. While Twenty Three Layers may be one of the top corporate event planners in NYC, they can also do smaller affairs like weddings and charitable events. Here are a few tips you can use to help make your next event a hit.


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Create A Theme

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Send Out Invites

While online invitations are getting to be common place, don’t underestimate the power of a physical invitation. Receiving a well designed invitation in the mail can really set the tone for your big night.


Offer A Self-Serve Bar

Set out a few different bottles of liquor and let your guests poor their own drinks. Letting them experiment with some different concoctions can be a lot of fun.


Keep Appetizers Simple

Use ready made ingredients from the store to prepare a large assortment of appetizers. This will allow your guests to sample many different foods and will provide a good chance for mingling.


Set UP A Kids’ Table

For a family type gathering, assemble an area specifically for kids. This will allow them a chance to still be kids while your adult guests get a chance to socialize.


Stay Relaxed

Give yourself plenty of time before your guests arrive to freshen up and get comfortable. You set the tone for your guests and they need to see you relaxed.


Don’t Forget The Favors

A small party favor is a good way to end the evening. It will be much appreciated by your guests and leaves a lasting impression on a great night.


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