Anthony Petrello And Nabors Industries Helps Houstonians To Recoup After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was a terrible storm that caused billions of dollars in damages to the city of Houston. This category 4 storm struck Houston on August 25, 2017. In the aftermath it caused billions of dollars in damages. After the storm struck the area, people were in dire need of help. There are 2.3 million people who live Houston. At least 2/3’s of the city was flooded which means that over 1 million people were without homes and needed emergency assistance.

Nabors Industries is a business that has its U.S. branch inside of Houston. It was originally established in the nation of Bermuda. Since the Houston office is considered the company’s services branch, Nabors is closely linked into the community. Before Hurricane Harvey struck, this organization was already giving back to the community in a variety of different ways. One of Nabors core values has to do with charitable and philanthropic work.


This company gives thousands and even millions to various causes locally and even nationally. Hurricane Harvey was not an exception to this cause. CEO Petrello organized his employees and got them out on the front lines of impacted areas. He paid his employees to ensure they would still be able to support themselves while helping out in the relief effort.

Nabors employees also gave $173,622 toward helping their fellow Houstonians. Petrello matched their amount by donating money from Nabors. Nearly $350,000 was given to help people who lost so much during this dark hour in Houston’s history. Nabors sent out some of their cooking appliances within the community to help Houstonians to get 3 hot meals a day. People who lost everything really appreciated the food. It helped to bring back some normalcy in their lives.

Anthony Petrello’s and Nabors work during Hurricane Harvey was greatly appreciated. The people in Houston who were aware of Nabors already understood how helpful they are to the community. After they helped out with the relief effort more people found out about this organization. They realized that they were more than just an energy company; they are an organization that truly cares about people. This is one of the reasons why Nabors is a successful organization that is well respected in the Houston area.

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