Holiday Party planning made easy

Holiday party planning is never easy. It can be a fun and festive time for everyone except the one planning the soiree. That’s why it is important to find the right company among event planning companies in NYC. Some simple tips may help this jolly occasion.


Choosing the right venue may help. A party at home may be too much, but local restaurants and other locations are great choices to ease the burden. Party planning can be much easier with the right location and some places may even handle all the food needs. Invitations can be a hassle. If you like old-fashioned paper ones, then make sure to send them out ahead of time. E-vites can help you handle the whole affair and sort the RSVPs easily.


Decor can be overwhelming, but with some simple hacks, it can be fun and festive on a budget. Ideas like lights and candles may brighten up any room. Food needs to fit your needs. If you want a sit-down gathering, then that’s fine. Maybe parties are in need of hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods. That way guests can enjoy each other with their snack. Music can make any holiday gathering festive, and make sure to have a playlist that includes everyone.


Other ideas include, require a small cover charge to give party favors and a donation to a charity. Holiday parties can be fun and inviting and less stress with proper preparation. 23 Layers is one of the corporate event planners in NYC that helps with parties both big and small.


23 Layers is a full service event planning firm that helps to plan and design both big and small parties. This firm plans for everything from food to decor. They work on the small detail and ensure every event is a memorable one.


Party Planning Made Easy

When looking for event planning companies in NYC, you need look no further than Twenty Three Layers. They can help you with venue selection, catering, entertainment and much more. While Twenty Three Layers may be one of the top corporate event planners in NYC, they can also do smaller affairs like weddings and charitable events. Here are a few tips you can use to help make your next event a hit.


Get Organized

A few simple lists can help to keep you organized and on track. A to-do list, a shopping list, and finally a contact list will ensure that no detail is overlooked.


Create A Theme

A fun theme can make all the difference between just another party or a night that your guests will never forget.


Send Out Invites

While online invitations are getting to be common place, don’t underestimate the power of a physical invitation. Receiving a well designed invitation in the mail can really set the tone for your big night.


Offer A Self-Serve Bar

Set out a few different bottles of liquor and let your guests poor their own drinks. Letting them experiment with some different concoctions can be a lot of fun.


Keep Appetizers Simple

Use ready made ingredients from the store to prepare a large assortment of appetizers. This will allow your guests to sample many different foods and will provide a good chance for mingling.


Set UP A Kids’ Table

For a family type gathering, assemble an area specifically for kids. This will allow them a chance to still be kids while your adult guests get a chance to socialize.


Stay Relaxed

Give yourself plenty of time before your guests arrive to freshen up and get comfortable. You set the tone for your guests and they need to see you relaxed.


Don’t Forget The Favors

A small party favor is a good way to end the evening. It will be much appreciated by your guests and leaves a lasting impression on a great night.