Fabletics and Five-Star Athleisure Options

What does athleisure brand Fabletics have going for it? A better question would be to ask what it doesn’t have going for it, to be specific. This is an online fashion name that’s been in business since the middle of 2017. It’s the brainchild of two highly experienced businessmen in entrepreneurship as well. These individuals are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The pair have been 100 percent dedicated to taking Fabletics to the top for years now. They were so dedicated to its success that they managed to score the assistance of a certain Hollywood superstar by the name of Kate Hudson. The talented actress now works for the brand in earnest. She’s one of its co-founders.


People are hard-pressed to locate others who are unfamiliar with the name “Amazon.” Amazon is pretty much ubiquitous these days. The ecommerce platform has been practically a household name since the nineties. Its reputation keeps growing and growing as well. It’s been involved in so many recent efforts. It not too long ago teamed up with the popular high-end grocery store, Whole Foods. The partnership seems to have done both businesses a solid. Whole Foods’ loyal customers now can enjoy markedly lower prices on many fruits and vegetables. Brands of late are usually pretty intimidated by Amazon. They often ask themselves how they can surpass the company. There’s one ambitious business out there, however, that doesn’t seem to be frightened by Amazon at all. That business is the aforementioned Fabletics. Why should Fabletics live in fear of Amazon? The brand has so much going on. It’s not only a presence in Internet shopping, either. If you take the time to go shopping at a local mall, there’s a nice chance you’ll be able to walk into a Fabletics brick and mortar store. Fabletics boutiques are becoming easy to find all around the United States.


Some people assume that Kate Hudson is an aloof celebrity who doesn’t have any interest in working hard. People who follow Fabletics, on the other hand, know that that couldn’t be further from reality. Hudson puts long hours in to make Fabletics the glory story it is right now. She has a penchant for working on designs that help her energetic morning, days and nights. She likes brainstorming and thinking about marketing practices that may be useful, too. This lifestyle quiz can help people who are searching for A+ Fabletics items.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics takes on the Giant E-Commerce Platforms by Selling High-Quality Workout Outfit at Pocket-Friendly Prices

A lot of American businesses such as Macy’s, J.C. Penny and Gap are finding it hard to maintain their brick and motor stores due to the increased competition and running costs. As a result, some of these businesses are already shifting their focus to e-commerce, which seems to be the future of shopping for the current generation. The modern day customers are opting for the convenience of buying things online and having them delivered to their doorstep.


A few of the businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunities brought about by the internet to create products and services that appeal to a modern day shopper. The E-commerce giant, Amazon has been the most popular online shopping platform for most Americans. The platform, which has been a dominant player for some years, has received stiff competition from a new startup, Fabletics. It has seen Amazon get back to the drawing board to re-strategize and make strategic moves that will enable the company to stay relevant in the e-commerce sector. Amazon is currently the e-commerce giant that every new startup would want to beat.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is already giving Amazon a run for their money. Kate has worked hard to build a firm that is now worth over $250 million. Fabletics is a company co-founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The company creates stylish workout outfit that is versatile enough for wearing outside the fitness centers and are comfortable to individuals of various body sizes. Fabletics’ outfits are set apart from other workout outfits because of the high-quality materials and designs that are offered to the customers at pocket-friendly prices. Even though e-commerce giants such as Amazon have dominated the market, Fabletics is taking on them by utilizing a unique membership model.


Unlike other fashion retailers in the market today, Fabletics provides its customers a subscription model where they can get discounted prices top quality outfit. Fabletics started out as a tech-based company that acquired most of the customers online and later on expanded to the brick and motor stores. Therefore, that means that a huge percentage of clients who visit Fabletics stores are already subscribers while others subscribe at the store. Kate Hudson’s greatest motivation is to inspire women to be their best versions. Even after winning the athleisure brand, Kate notes that she will continue with her role as an actress and also a business woman who steps out to inspire other women.

How Fabletics Rose to the Top of the “Athleisure” Wear Market

One of the most noticeable trends in 2016 was the growing increase in stylish “athleisure” wear. This gear has been spotted among top celebrities as they grab coffee, shop and go about their daily lives. “Athleisure” wear is designed to transition from gym to brunch, meaning it is functional in the gym, or wherever you work out, and it is also highly trendy outside of a place meant for fitness.


What many people don’t know is that this growing trend is extremely lucrative. In fact, U.S. consumers spent $44 billion on active wear in 2016 and that number is only continuing to spike in the first quarter of 2017.


One of the brands that has positioned itself at the top if its field is Fabletics. If you haven’t yet been introduced to Fabletics, it was founded by actress and fitness guru Kate Hudson. In the past three years it has generated over $250 million in revenue and has drawn a group of devoted brand advocates that not only continually buy from the brand, but that are its biggest promoters on their own social media and blogs.


One of the reasons for the brand’s success is its use of the reverse showroom technique. While many companies are facing extremely high overhead in their traditional storefronts, and offer customers a one-size-fits-all experience, Fabletics reverse showroom technique has drawn buyers by the millions. Instead of a traditional storefront, Fabletics has gone digital first. Website visitors are treated to an online showroom and athletic wear tailored to their personal preferences.


When a user first visits Fabletics, they are invited to take a fun and simple Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz asks questions about their personal style, the type of exercise they like to do and in what environment they work out. From there, Fabletics generates a personal style profile that determines what pieces users receive each month.


This unique and high-energy style comes directly from founder Kate Hudson, who ensures she is consistently innovating and hands on with her brand. In a recent CNBC article, she shared tips to help other brands achieve the landmark success she has seen. She recommended focusing on finding marketing opportunities, staying hands on, relying on big data, staying inspired and, of course, to always believe in yourself and not being afraid to take risks.


As Fabletics continues to see a mass amount of success, Hudson stays involved consistently with nearly every major decision in her brand.

Fabletics Fitness Wear

Going out and shopping whether window shopping or actually shopping has become optional with online shopping taking over the scene. ‘Why go out and strain when what you want is just a click away?’ Amazon over the years has become a household name when it comes to online shopping dominating in fields such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, fashion, and fitness to mention just a few. Amazon currently controls 20% all matters fashion. This begs the question, ‘how can one succeed in the fashion world when Amazon dominates such a great deal of it?’



This is a question that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics might probably have an answer to. The business has only been in play for only three years but has managed to reach a net worth of a warping 250 million dollars. Kate apparently found those set of magical ingredients that can turn set of active wear, Fabletics, and turn it into a gold mine. The company not only leans on price and quality but also has gone the extra mile in achieving the customer’s satisfaction. They have directed their attention to what the modern customer wants in terms of fashion and service and achieved great success.



The company has done so well that it is planning to open even more physical stores. They will add on to the sixteen existing ones. The general manager expressed that their membership model had allowed for better interaction with the customers enabling personal service and trending fashion at far fairer prices than their competitors.



More of the brand’s success resulted from their adoption of the reverse showrooming technique. Showrooming is where most of their competitors are going wrong as most customers will browse the site but end up buying elsewhere. This technique has enabled Fabletics to foster stronger relationships with their customers as they get immediate feedback and can familiarize with the local markets even more. This has led to increased membership and faster growth.


All these things make a great case for why one should consider Fabletics as their fitness choice, but nothing beats their customer care. Nothing warms up a customer to buying than great customer service, and Fabletics takes this crown. It is a great choice.

Fabletics Takes on Amazon to Become an Activewear Leader

Fabletics adopted the reverse showrooming strategy to ensure the success of its products. The company attracts customers in both the offline and online markets. The affordability of Fabletics products has enhanced the reverse showrooming business strategy. Fabletics works through a membership and subscription business model. Customers that find products on other e-commerce stores expensive shift to purchasing from Fabletics at discounted prices. The ease of purchasing online or offline has increased the company’s addressable markets.


New members that want to join Fabletics membership program have to answer a simple questionnaire first. The quiz seeks to find the user’s lifestyle, fashion tastes, and body type. The aim of the survey is to help the firm know a customer’s tastes in fashion. From the answers provided, Fabletics can recommend products that will be relevant to the consumer. Once you create an account and sign up for the membership program, you get to pick clothing items of your choice every month. The membership business model ensures that you can purchase clothing items effortlessly. The membership model is flexible because you can skip a particular month without being charged. Fabletics has another option of VIP membership. Subscribers receive items every month at a discount. Getting up with the membership program is easy because one can sign up at the website for free.


Fabletics is a company that competes in the activewear and sportswear marketplace. At the start, the company faced huge competition from technology giants like Amazon. Amazon controls 20 percent of the e-commerce industry. New companies that want to enter the markets find it difficult to compete with such huge giants. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics went against all the odds when it achieved business success with the firm. In just three years after starting, the company has achieved a growth of $250 million. The trick is because of Fabletics business strategy that enhances reverse showrooming. It is a powerful tool that attracts customers from other companies to purchase from Fabletics. The firm has created a great ease of shopping and attracted many buyers.


Fabletics understands the current markets quite well. In the previous years, companies that succeed always focused on quality and affordability of their products. The changing times have changed a customer’s perception to shopping. High quality and affordability no longer determine whether a customer is going to purchase from your company. Customers today focus on experience, satisfaction, and product design when purchasing. A company that excels in all these is set to achieve a significant level of success. Fabletics has built on customer experience and product design to create elite products that customers like.


The company has expanded by opening brick and mortar stores in different parts of the world. It has moved forth and established stores in Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois. The success with the brick and mortar stores is an indication that the firm’s strategy is paying and working well. Fabletics knows that the firm’s dedication has made many customers happy.