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When to Refinance through Ignition Financial

Buying a new or used car is a major purchase an investment. Next to buying a home, it is the biggest purchase that most people will make in their lifetime. In many cases, buying a car will require taking out a loan. Similar to refinancing student loans or mortgages, it can also be beneficial to refinance an auto loan. Those that are looking to slash my payments, should consider refinancing their auto loan through Ignition Financial. This company could benefit a bar were a number of different ways.


One way that Ignition Financial can provide a financial benefit to a borrower is by reducing their monthly payment. Auto loan payments can take up a significant portion of a consumer’s budget. If you have taken out an auto loan and are paying a high interest-rate, you could save a lot of money by refinancing your auto loan today. As long as your credit has remained intact and you have equity in your car, you could refinance into a much lower rate today. This will lead to an immediate reduction in your monthly payment due.


While reducing your interest-rate can reduce your monthly payment, you can also save money by extending your repayment time. With an auto loan refinance, those that have equity in their cars will have the ability to recast their loan over a new five or six year term. Doing this will extend the amount of time until your car loan is paid off, but will reduce your monthly payment in the interim.


Many consumers today are also able to use a refinance through a new auto loan to take cash out of their cars. If you have had your car for a number of years and have pay down your loan as agreed, you likely have some equity in your car. When refinancing your loan, you will have the ability to liquidate some of that equity. The money that you received can then be used for any purpose you want including paying down higher interest-rate debt, making home repairs, or even taking a vacation. The money that you do take out of your car will then be applied to your new auto loan balance.

Auto Refinancing – Is it for you?

Auto Refinancing – A new stress-free way to pay off your car loans – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But hey, many of you are too new to the world of refinancing to know what it even means. Don’t sweat; we are here to spell it out for you.


Simply put, refinancing a car means that you take out a new loan to pay off the loan you initially took for your car, along with new terms of payment. It’s kind of like a loan, for a loan.


Well, here’s why refinancing is an easier option for paying off your car loans.


You may be wondering – why would I choose to pay off another loan? Well, it’s easier said than done. A lot of times, the monthly bills add up and paying the vehicle loan payment just seems to make a bigger dent in your pocket than it should. In that case, with refinancing, you can adjust the amount to pay to be smaller amounts, stretched out, over an extended period of time.


But, you may be thinking, if I extend the time period, won’t I end up paying more in terms of interest? Well, the answer to that is, no. You see, when you opt to refinance your vehicle, not only will you get a longer time frame to pay off your already smaller payments, you also get a lower interest rate which means, you will be saving a lot more every month.


However, if you wish instead have a much shorter loan period because the other loan you took is taking too long to pay off, you can opt to make bigger payments. It’s all possible with refinancing.


Or maybe, when you did buy your car, you didn’t get a very good rate for it. Well, instead of being sad about it, you could just refinance and get a better rate and make it all better.


Grasping all of this can be tough. That’s why you should leave it to the experts. And no, we don’t mean refinancing isn’t for you. It means that there are people out there to help you and make this entire process much simpler so that you can sit back and not have to worry about a thing. When you say “slash my payments” we come in to save the day.


In the right vehicle? You now need the right loan. Not to mention the right people to help you with the process of getting that loan. Ignition Financial does just that.


At Ignition Financial, their Professional Financial Loan Advisors will walk you through the entire process of matching you with the best loan refinancing option available. With their simple online process, you can apply for a refinanced loan anywhere, anytime.


Ignition Financial Loan Advisors aren’t only trained regarding finance but also are experts in the automobile field. This helps them guide you through the entire process of refinancing your vehicle to get the best possible match for you.


Based on your credit history, Ignition Financial Loan Advisors, with SlashMyPayments.com, will help you secure your refinancing loan with an interest rate and payment that is just right for you.