The Millennial from the Business Sector is Carrying a Pay Card that Also Allows Him or Her Networking Opportunities

When twenty-three old entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, decided to create a way for his peer group to gain a better foothold, into the business community: he thought of many different scenarios.

One area that he noticed, which required remedy, was that many professionals carried a preferred credit card, providing, not too much, in the way of interaction with the local business community. McFarland states that the credit card, per se, does not offer its user, generally-speaking, with deals or discounts, relative to the local community.

The Black Magnises card was introduced, in order to provide a solution. Where the Magnises card is handier than a mere credit card is that it also offers its Millennial professional demographic with special deals, respective of the venues the Millennial professional visits most.

According to The Guardian, The pay option comes about, according to Billy McFarland, in that a bank or credit card, of the Magnises user, can be tied to the Magnises card.

The Magnises company has partnered, accordingly, with some of the city’s best eateries, establishments which serve drinks and do up “Happy Hours,” with pizzazz. City nightclubs are other places, too, wherein, the Millennial card holder is able to gain easy access.

In conclusion, the Magnises card is not just a pay card. It provides deals, at preferred city locations, and access to some of the metropolitan area’s best private events. It is the new prestigious card, everyone in the professional Millennial community, is embracing and carrying inside his or her wallet or pocketbook.