Securus Technologies Investing Millions to Develop Futuristic and Progressive Correctional Technology

The correctional industry is saturated with many new companies surfacing now and then. It is because the penitentiary sector has been growing massively in the last few years, especially with the need for the penitentiary technology increasing in recent years. One of the companies that have been making immense progress in the correctional industry is Securus Technologies.


The company was established in 1986 and since then has been making rapid progress in the field of corrections, and is known for developing high-end correctional technology, investigative technologies, parolee tracking system, and more. The company has won many awards over the years for developing innovative technologies and its attentive and responsive customer service, including three Gold Stevie Awards in 2018.


Securus Technologies recently introduced the futuristic wireless containment system in the correctional sphere, which is a technology that the sector needed for a long time. It is a technology that would not let the contraband phones to be used inside the prison. Securus Technologies has partnered with other network carriers to make wireless containment solutions a success.


As per the reports, more and more contraband phones are getting into the circulation in the correctional sphere, and it is something that needed immediate attention of the law enforcement agencies. If the illegal communication using the contraband phones from inside the prison is not stopped, the lives of many inmates, the families of inmates, and even the police officers are not safe. Many of the crimes are controlled from inside the prisons using the contraband phones, but with the help of wireless containment system, it would be stopped altogether.


Securus Technologies recently also introduced the drone detection technology to the correctional arena, which would not allow drones to enter the correctional institutions’ premise. The correctional facilities are highly guarded locations, but if any packages are dropped from the sky into the compound, it is difficult to stop. It is what drones are used to do. The drones carry contraband supplies that it drops into the compound from the sky, and the inmates use the contraband phones to manage the timings of the drop.


It has been found in many of the contraband supplies sent through drones that drones are being used to carry weapons, drugs, and contraband phones inside the prison. If the supplies using the drone are not stopped, it will create enormous problems for the law enforcement agencies in the future. However, with the use of drone detection technology, one can be sure that the drones won’t be allowed anywhere near the correctional facilities. Any drones flying near the correctional facilities would be immediately notified to the correctional officers so that the necessary actions can be taken to neutralize the threat and confiscate any contraband package it might be carrying.



Securus Technologies employee peddles system that saves the lives of corrections officers

Each year in the U.S. prison system, hundreds of corrections officers are put in life-or-death situations throughout the course of their work. While being a corrections officer is an inherently dangerous profession, there are many precautions that can be taken in order to limit the exposure to serious injury or death that those tasked with keeping the nation’s prisons safe have to take on.



Locked up, but still committing crime


Robert Johnson spent 15 years of his life as a corrections officer in one of Florida’s most violent maximum-security prisons. Hired on in his early 20s, Johnson quickly proved himself to be an enthusiastic and capable corrections officer, earning a series of promotions as well as the respect and admiration of his supervisors.


By the time Johnson turned 30, he was already a member of the prison’s elite SERT team, which stands for Special Emergency Response Team, and is responsible for intercepting and detecting contraband, dealing with dangerous and violent inmates and other jobs that are considered too dangerous for normal corrections officers to carry out.


On one occasion, as part of his routine duties involving the searches of inmate cells, Johnson uncovered a package that had been hidden underneath one inmate’s bunk bed. The package contained an estimated $50,000 worth of heroin. It was one of the largest single busts in the history of the Florida State Prison System and made Johnson somewhat of a celebrity among the officers.


However, the heroin belonged to a powerful gang operating within the prison, and they didn’t share the enthusiasm towards Johnson’s anti-drug exploits. Using an illegally smuggled cell phone, the gang’s leader was able to communicate with some of his soldiers on the outside. He put out a contract on Johnson’s life, valued at $6,000. An ex-convict who had sworn allegiance to the gang was given the job.


On an early morning, when Johnson was preparing to go to work, the gunman kicked in his front door and fired six shots at nearly point-blank range into Johnson’s stomach and chest. The lifelong corrections officer barely survived, since enduring 23 surgeries and incredible amounts of daily pain.


However, after less than a year of recovering from the nearly fatal incident, Johnson was back at work in the corrections industry. This time, though, Johnson is working for Securus Technologies, one of the leading provider of prison safety technologies in the country. He is working as a salesman, selling a device known as the Wireless Containment System, which Johnson assures clients would have completely prevented the incident that nearly claimed his life from occurring in the first place.


With the ability to detect and intercept 100 percent of unauthorized communications placed from contraband phones, the WCS can stop illegal phone use in the nation’s prisons dead in its tracks.


Better Future with Better Technology Today

One of the most important aspects of the way technology has developed and changed is the fact that now companies are creating different tech solutions for all aspects of human life. Prison system is no different than any other are and needs the same kind of attention if not more than other areas get. Securus Technologies is a company from Texas that works to create different tech solutions to make the life of prison officers and law enforcement easier. It now works with more than two thousand different prisons across the various states within the US and also has offices in Canada employing more than a thousand people.


Securus Technologies created a possibility for people to communicate with their families and friends outside the correctional facility walls. It is important because it allows individuals who are incarcerated to have a sense of normalcy while they are not able to go home every day. They don’t have to miss out on birthdays, Christmases and other family events because there is also a video call option. All of these things are achieved through tablets or smartphones in prison accessible to people. They have to pay a charge, though, but it is easy to set up and use.


In the future, Securus Technologies want to spread the network and include more prisons in it. They also want to create more technology options that would allow people in prison to educate themselves, talk to their legal team and possibly even start looking for a job to go to once they are released. Their education is important as well, so access to resources is crucial. It helps to keep people motivated and allows the law enforcement to work on crime prevention rather than crime solving.


Securus Technologies has helped to solve cases because of their monitored call system and continue to do so.



Securus Technologies gets a Good Word

Securus Technologies is good at what they do. CEO Richard A Smith leads the way. What they do is help law enforcement agencies handle the work of incarceration by monitoring phone calls. Every week, they find a better way to get it done. There is a lot of talk about this talk watching. And it is all good. The source of the information comes from working individuals in the field. The remarks are so good that people have to know.

Securus Technologies puts into print just a few of many complimentary comments from customers. The subject of the community comments is the effectiveness of the technology used in helping them thwarting crime. It even helps law enforcement agencies prevent crimes committed between inmates. The comments are just a select few that come from coast to coast of the USA. The source of the originates from emails and regular snail mail submitted by workers. For safety of everyone involved, any information that could lead to a state, county or facility is left out. The comments that are printed are the pick of the customers.

The information shared by agencies differs from case to case in the details. But situation disclosed helps to illustrate the massive value in the service provided. That value shines when information from a call monitoring results in warrant. The value of the information is compounded when more than one crime is being committed over time. Another popular theme in the customers observations is the long service of Securus Technologies.

Developments like reporting data and covert alert procedures are game changing tools in procedure. There is even software to track enormous amounts of illegal assets. Some of the customer comments go so far as to say parts of their job need the technical advances today. As a show of good faith Securus sends an open invitation with the publish statements to a presentation.