George Street Photo and Video in New York City

The George Street Photo and Video Group is a nationwide assortment of aligned photography and videographer professions that are held together by similar standards and ideals. They are all independent business but work under the George Street banner for identification purposes.

Long Island, NY is a favorite general location for weddings as its picturesque locations emphasize the hearty seaside venues and geographic beauty. One studio that receives good reviews is that of J’adore Love Photo and Cinema. The company works out of New York City, but also specializes in Long Island Shoots, and is very helpful in picking the best locations.

For a splendid Long Island; contact Boschelli Photography in Babylon, MY. Boschelli Photography specializes in Wedding Photography. They are experts at creating the photos and videos that are a blend of expert professionalism and fine art. The entire emphasis is to provide a visual account of the wedding day so that it will not be just a memory, but a re-enactment of one of the most important days of the life of the couple marrying.

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