Todd Lubar: A Prominent Baltimore Business Magnate who has Helped Turn around the Industry.

Todd Lubar, a successful Baltimore business magnate, is also a great philanthropist who sees value addition to the lives’ of people as a passionate calling. Not only does he devote himself to his real estate business, but he also supports several philanthropic initiatives in his spare time. Todd Lubar is a great family man. He embarked on his real estate business in 1995 after achieving a degree from Syracuse University in communication. He immediately understood what he wanted out of life when he discovered a great passion for real estate. Working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was a loan originator, he soon accumulated expertise in the field of mortgage banking. The first strategic step he took to becoming an entrepreneur was in 1999 when he moved to Legacy Financial Group from Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

Equipped with vast knowledge and experience in the financial aspects of the industry, he started his company known as Legendary Properties LLC. He rehabilitated and sold different properties, and he also purchased new houses through this company, which mainly focused on developing residential housing. He later founded Legendary Financials- an affiliate company that targeted low-earning customers, who found it difficult to borrow money from the conservative banking industry. Not without its ups and downs, the lending crisis that hit the industry in 2008 compelled Lubar to step into the recycling of scrap metal and demolition business. In his long and successful career, he has been a stabilizing influence for the industry, that can be found on

His avid interest to accumulate much knowledge about the industry made him craft valuable partnerships with financial professionals, agents in real estate, CPAs, and insurance agencies. Even today, these professionals still form a crucial aspect of Todd,s expansive empire. According to patch, it is important to mention that when the area around Baltimore was hit hard by the housing crisis in 2008, Todd Lubar played an important part in stabilizing and spurring the vertical growth in the industry. What mostly motivated him to throw his weight in real estate was a real desire to assist people seeking homes, so much so that despite the aftershock of the earlier crisis, which is still felt, the housing industry in Baltimore is experiencing a swift comeback. Bank foreclosures have sunk, and houses are selling at higher prices.

Presently, he is deeply involved in mortgage issues where his accumulated knowledge and experience in loan brokerage and lending is making him a pivotal figure in the housing industry in Baltimore.

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