Bob Reina Launches More Innovative Technology

Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion has launched another tool that puts his company at the top of the game in technology. The company’s latest edition of Live Meetings has been improved, giving meetings the buzz they need to make companies more productive and connect people better. Video-based conferences are now more convenient, offering you up to 15 host spots and the ability for up to 500 participants to hop on the line. Those who are connecting to the meeting are able to link up via their wireless device, including their smartphone.


Recording is now easier with this upgrade, permitting participants to open up their web browser rather than download for the ability to record. Talk Fusion has surpassed other companies in technology with their innovation, and the convenience that Live Meetings offers. Talk Fusion has raised the bar on technology, all with offering the most attractive tools in technology for the latest promotional methods. Reina has stated that no software can match the technology behind the WebRTC. This cutting-edge solution for video-conferencing is getting attention by numerous companies and their subsidiaries.


Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007, with a vision to improve the lives of others and help them to improve their businesses. This is all possible through the technology that Reina has developed since that time. He believes that “with greater success comes greater responsibility“, a note-worthy mantra that he has deeply integrated into his business. Reina’s life’s work is steeped in helping others accomplish their goals, with a passion to help them find the ways to reach them.


Talk Fusion is no doubt the pinnacle of everything that Bob Reina has imagined, as it translates into helping business owners accomplish their goals on a deeper level. The WebRTC technology Reina developed has been able to help change the lives of those who use their computer frequently, as well as to help business professionals achieve their goals. Today, Talk Fusion is considered one of the most successful technology companies in the country. Learn more: