For Wildark CEO Mark Hutchinson, Conservation is His Nature.

Mark Hutchinson always finds himself most comfortable where the wild things are. His dedication to wildlife began in the outback of his country of birth, Australia. His fondest memories are of tending sheep, riding horses and living the life of a young sportsman. It was natural to become an apprentice to sheep and cattle herders in the north country of Australia. As a “jackaroo,” as they are called in the land down under, and a subsequent journey across Africa by car, Hutchinson learned the skills of livestock management and acquired an indelible appreciation for wildlife, the environment, and the untamed world.   UNTAMED, an adventure tour company, was Hutchinson’s first vehicle to share with others the beauty and benefit he discovered in taking nature-inspired adventures. He founded the company at age 22 and built it into an ecotourism and training organization called Avana. Avana was sought after for many corporate retreats and training. The training element became a highly demanded service which took the company into the hospitality and retail industry. However. after becoming a part of the Vocation Group IPO, Avana faltered and was dissolved ( “It was hard to let the training business go, however it allowed me to refocus my energy back to the true mission,” said Hutchinson in an interview about his new venture, Wildark. Wildark is the result of Hutchinson’s life experience and his keen insight into the need for global land conservation. He launched this new business model in 2016. Again, with a mission to inspire others to hear the call of the wild, Hutchinson created a platform to protect the world’s biodiversity and recognize others who strive to conserve the natural beauty of the land. The company recently acquired its first conservancy. Pridelands Conservancy is a 4500-acre that Hutchinson and his partners are rehabilitating into a wildlife conservancy. Learn more:

“The ultimate goal for Wild Ark is the buy, protect and restore as much high-value biodiversity land as possible and build a sustainable business on that land for the protection and continuation of those ecosystems,” said Hutchinson. Learn more: