Cotemar’s Role in the Energy Sector in Mexico

The energy industry in Mexico is becoming rough to the companies which won the first round of tenders and are eager to make a profit out of their investments. Pemex was the sole operator, supplier, and customer of these companies. If they manage to do well, it will be beneficial to Mexico considering that adverse effects which came with the exhaustion of Cantarell. It reduced the production of oil by a million barrels a day. The only thing Pemex needs to do is build relationships with companies and increase their efficiency.


Considering the new companies already own wells, most of them will have to resolve land conflicts they had with the previous sole operator (Pemex). One of the companies, Cotemar, had the same problem in Veracruz. Other companies have to deal with infrastructure theft and organized crime while some will solve their regulatory problems. It is a good sign for Mexico’s economy since all these companies are planning to score highly in the market.


Cotemar was established in 1979 and began its operations as a service company for Mexico’s energy sector. The company has since grown to be among the leading in the industry, as they provide Petroleos Mexicanos with offshore services using states of the art vessels. Cotemar does not only offer products and services to the oil sector but also meets the high standards of quality and environmental protection. It is dedicated to providing the best customer service and ensuring the development of the country. The mission of the company is to be a world-class sustainable company in the energy sector and offering innovative services to its clients and stakeholders. Cotemar provides maintenance and engineering, modernization and construction services. It includes the maintenance and rehabilitation of Pemex’s platforms and processing centers.


The objective of the company in offering these services is to install materials in the right place at the right time while protecting the environment, and to ensure profitability by reducing the costs and increasing the value of the work. Cotemar provides housing platforms which have the capacity of accommodating up to eight hundred people. They semi-submersible platforms are advantageous because they can quickly move to places where operations are required. There are specialized boats which aid in the transportation of material and personnel. The company also offers food services. Cotemar offers training courses and innovative workshops and has contacts with local and international universities. The service company aims at attracting new employees and retaining those who do excellent work.


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