Fabletics Fitness Wear

Going out and shopping whether window shopping or actually shopping has become optional with online shopping taking over the scene. ‘Why go out and strain when what you want is just a click away?’ Amazon over the years has become a household name when it comes to online shopping dominating in fields such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, fashion, and fitness to mention just a few. Amazon currently controls 20% all matters fashion. This begs the question, ‘how can one succeed in the fashion world when Amazon dominates such a great deal of it?’



This is a question that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics might probably have an answer to. The business has only been in play for only three years but has managed to reach a net worth of a warping 250 million dollars. Kate apparently found those set of magical ingredients that can turn set of active wear, Fabletics, and turn it into a gold mine. The company not only leans on price and quality but also has gone the extra mile in achieving the customer’s satisfaction. They have directed their attention to what the modern customer wants in terms of fashion and service and achieved great success.



The company has done so well that it is planning to open even more physical stores. They will add on to the sixteen existing ones. The general manager expressed that their membership model had allowed for better interaction with the customers enabling personal service and trending fashion at far fairer prices than their competitors.



More of the brand’s success resulted from their adoption of the reverse showrooming technique. Showrooming is where most of their competitors are going wrong as most customers will browse the site but end up buying elsewhere. This technique has enabled Fabletics to foster stronger relationships with their customers as they get immediate feedback and can familiarize with the local markets even more. This has led to increased membership and faster growth.


All these things make a great case for why one should consider Fabletics as their fitness choice, but nothing beats their customer care. Nothing warms up a customer to buying than great customer service, and Fabletics takes this crown. It is a great choice.

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