Kenneth Goodgame: Spurring Growth In Businesses

Kenneth Goodgame is a renowned operations management professional. Presently, he is the senior vice president of True Value Hardware Corporation. Kenneth Goodgame also serves as the chief merchandising officer for the company. True Value Hardware Corporation is Located in Chicago, IL.

He has worked in the retail industry for over 20 years. In all the years, Kenneth Goodgame has focused on developing billion dollar OEM excellence. He is highly experienced in effectively combining innovative marketing, merchandising, and streamlining financial strategy. That combined with a smart business strategy has enabled him to grow businesses.

His focus is majorly on improving performance as well as profitability. Kenneth Goodgame attains that by delivering a balance in different essential elements of a business. That includes corporate alignment, vital performance indicators, quality assurance systems, and employee engagement. Striking a balance of the aforementioned factors facilitates enhanced performance along with profitability. Kenneth Goodgame benefits from his ability to advance growth through cost analysis, and quality improvements. Additionally, productivity enhancements as well as composed negotiations are important in enabling him to promote growth.

Goodgame’s extensive experience puts him in a better position when it comes to navigating shifts in the market. It also provides him with the ability to avoid mistakes that others constantly make. He has used his expertise to transform the companies that he has worked in. That is by establishing high performance teams, strategic planning, brand creation, and retail management.

He started his career as a product merchant for The Home Depot located in Atlanta in 1995. Kenneth Goodgame became the director of proprietary brands in 1999 before becoming the company’s senior global product merchant in 2001.  In 2006, he was made the senior vice president marketing, sales, and channel for Irwin PTA & Shur-Line Painting products.

Kenneth Goodgame later joined Techtronic Industries North America as the president of Baja Motorsports in 2008 before joining Ace Hardware Corporation in 2010. He served the Oak Brook, IL based corporation as the general merchandising manager. Currently, he works at True Value Corporation as the SVP/CMO.

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