Omar Boraie is Recognized by the Philly Purge

When the Philly Purge published an article about the most popular apartment and living complex in New Brunswick, they were talking about the building that Omar Boraie had created. He used the building as a manifestation of the visions he had so he could make the city better. Even though the building led to him making a lot of money that was not the reason he did it. He just wanted his city to be different and be the way it was supposed to be. Omar Boraie knew it would be a lot of work but he was also confident it would help the city to get better from where it was at.

While Omar Boraie was working on the building, a lot of people doubted he knew what he was doing, reveals While some people had seen what he could do as a developer, most did not know about the talents he had. In fact, it was not something he was popular for. The people who saw what he was doing and thought he was crazy were the ones who were not going to get the best of the best at the end of the project. Those who believed in him motivated him to keep working.

For Sam Boraie, a big part of the business was to make sure he was doing things the right way. He knew a luxury apartment complex would be meaningless unless he was able to make his city better. There have been many advances in the city since then. While New Brunswick is constantly evolving and getting better, Omar Boraie’s development was one of the catalysts that set the whole city into motion. Now, there is less crime and the poverty rates are dropping. People moving into New Brunswick has been a positive thing for the city.

While Omar Boraie continues to work on making things better in the city, he is also working on his new development opportunity. The second development will be as big as the first and will offer the same luxuries. believes the city will benefit from it because it will be the best it can be. He also knows people will want to move into the city just as they did when the first one was completed. Omar Boraie hopes he can continue to develop the city and help make it a better place for people to live and work. Read more on