OSI Group: The McDonalds Fast Food Restaurants First Meat Supplier And International Meat Distributors

OSI Group is a company that knows how to thrive in a competitive food service market because of their commitment to long-held values and principles and staying in tune with customer’s needs in every place they operate.

OSI Group owns hundreds of meat processing factories across the US, Europe and Asia and they sell their products through local merchants and fast food chains who know the interests of the local customers. OSI Group is also committed to environmental safety and clean processing methods, and as such they have won awards such as the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour for their commitments.

OSI Group’s family values in the way they treat their employees has been something they’ve upheld all the way from the days of their founding in 1909. It was then that Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop in Chicago that became a success in the neighborhood. The Kolschowskys always made family the epicenter of their work, and the fine quality of their products and service led McDonalds founder Ray Kroc to select them as his meat supplier. Otto & Sons, as the company was then known started making large profits in this partnership that it soon began buying large-scale meat plants across Chicago and the US.

More recently OSI Group saved hundreds of jobs by buying one of Tyson Food Plant’s factories in south Chicago and adding their resources to its portfolio. They also bought two major European distributors in Flagship Europe and Baho Foods to make inroads into the UK, German and Netherlands markets. OSI Group also sponsors charity groups such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities which provides funding for medical care for chronically ill children and scholarships for underprivileged students.

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