Copa Star Hospital Improves Life for Copacabana Hospital Patients

Can a hospital replicate the experience of a luxury hotel, lessening the stress on patients and their visitors alike? Rede D’Or São Luiz thinks so. The largest independent hospital operator in Brazil employed this groundbreaking concept in the Hospital Copa Star in Copacabana, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported, a private investment group from the United States invested $600 million in Rede D’Or São Luiz. In return, the investment group received an 8.3% stake. The hospital operator’s investment into the Copa Star Hospital included acquiring the latest technology in all of its medical equipment.

Rede D’Or São Luiz’s president has emphasized the importance of bringing world-class surgical hospital care to the Copacabana neighborhood. Before the Copa Star Hospital was built, Dr. Jorge Moll has said, patients in urgent need of complex surgeries had to be flown to Sao Paolo to be treated at Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital or Syrian-Lebanese Hospital. To further serve the people of Rio de Janeiro, the Copa Star Hospital works with Brazil’s premium health care plans and accepts all forms of payment.

Copa Star Hospital’s patients are equipped with tables in their hospital rooms, to make it easy for them to meet with doctors and other medical professionals without having to lie in their beds. They’re also given individual control over the air condition and lights in their rooms so they can more easily see to their own comfort and have a better sense of control over their own situation.

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At Copa Star, the smell of hospital disinfectant has been replaced with the aroma of fresh citrus and cold fluorescent lights have been replaced with natural lighting. Hospital staff have their own corridors so that patients and their family and friends are free to wonder the halls. Staff have also undergo two months of extensive training so everyone is on board with how the newer and more comforting philosophy operates in all situations, including emergencies.

The Copa Star Hospital employs a staff of more than 500 workers, including more than 100 medical professionals. Operations inside the hospital are electronically coordinated using the iPad and a mobile app that all the staff can download.

Visitors to Hospital Copa Star are also treated to luxuries and innovations designed to make their visit to sick and injured family members as stress-free and pleasant as possible. These amenities include extended visiting hours, access to television and wifi, and a special restaurant for them.

Rede D’Or São Luiz is certain its investment in Copacabana health care will pay off in a better quality of life for those in need of hospital services. Its luxury, hotel-like, patient-centered experience is expected to help patients recover faster and, ultimately, live longer. Visit the site to know more.

Betsy DeVos Looks At Her Successes And Thinks About Her Efforts

There are a few people that are very effective in what they do. They take the time to make sure that they have something that is effective at bringing the needed results. With Betsy DeVos, she is very passionate about education. She wants children to have the best education possible. Therefore, she is always at work when it comes to bringing forth improvements to the school systems. With her passion for school choice, she has made it possible for children get high quality education no matter what their location is. Therefore, more children have the chance to advance to higher levels of education.

One thing that Betsy DeVos does that is very effective for her campaign is look at her successes. It is important for people to look at their accomplishments so that they can determine what their next goal is. Among the ways that Betsy DeVos takes a look at her accomplishments is through interviews. She takes the time to talk with people about her plans and her achievements. One good thing with interviews is that she can inspire others to take part in what she is doing. When she explains her purpose, she is not only inspiring people but also gaining ideas on what she could do to better help with the circumstances in education.

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One good thing that Betsy DeVos has done was take a look at herself and her goals in order to see what she could do better. This is a very admirable thing about Betsy DeVos. She is someone who has a lot of humility in what she is doing. Therefore, she understands that she is not perfect. She is always looking for ways to improve on what she is doing. She could also gain some perspective and insights from other people.

People in communities need as much help as they can get in order to move forward. It is important to be thoughtful about the type of help that one can give to others. The best thing that Betsy does is look closely at the issue to find a solution that is going to stick. Visit Betsy’s profile on

Using Research To Overcome Prevalent Health Problems

Cancer is a global challenge in the field of healthcare. Many lives have succumbed to cancer due to lack of a cure. Aging is not the best stage of life. Many people who are aged turn out to be dependent on other people. This makes it difficult for the individual because he or she has to bear this burden. Old people are left alone because of the barrage that comes with taking care of them. Mikhail Blagosklonny is developing solutions towards these two challenges. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of cancer at the Roswell Park Center. He holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Science and Cardiology from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Peterburg. He also holds a Masters in Internal Science from the same University. His expertise and knowledge make him an authority in the field. He has worked with the different institutions to develop solutions to these challenges in the society. He collaborates with various people to instill his knowledge so that the expected results can be achieved. He is testing a hypothesis of using cancer drugs to help the human cells against aging. He is developing the correlation between the drugs and how they act as anti-aging agents in the body. Mikhail Blagosklonny did research that shows that there is a therapy that can be given to victims to slow down the cancer cells. The research shows that aging can reduce the chances of a person to get infected by the disease if it is slowed down. This demonstrates the link between age and cancer. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Mikhail works as an editor of different publications that create content revolving around cancer. He has written more than 170 journals about aging and cancer. Mikhail serves as a junior editor at the biology and cancer therapy publication. He also sits on the board of editors of different publications to siphon the knowledge and experience that he has gained over the years. His contribution to healthcare cannot be underestimated because it has served as wisdom to the young doctors who are looking out to develop solutions in the society.

InnovaCare Health’s Brilliant Leadership

There’s one company in the managed health care industry making big waves, InnovaCare Health. The current President and CEO of InnovaCare Health is Dr. Richard Shinto. Dr. Shinto joined InnovaCare in a few years ago. Prior to that, he was President and CEO of Aveta Inc. Today, he serves as CEO of InnovaCare’s Health Plans in Puerto Rico.

It’s because of Dr. Shinto that InnovaCare is the number one managed care provider in Puerto Rico. He has several degrees from the University of California, the State University of New York, and the University of Redlands. Throughout his 20-plus-years career involving clinical and operational healthcare, Dr. Shinto has worked at a number of respected institutions.

He started out serving as COO and Chief Medical Officer for the Medical Pathways Management Company. In 1997, he left Medical Management and began working at Cal Optima Health Plan as their Chief Medical Officer. After obtaining his medical tenure, he joined NAMM.

Another key member of InnovaCare’s leadership is Penelope Kokkinides. Kokkinides has worked for InnovaCare before. She left to pursue other opportunities but rejoined the company in 2015. Prior to leaving, she was COO of InnovaCare, Inc. and Aveta Inc. Now that she’s rejoined the company, she’s Chief Administrative Officer. Read more about her interview on

During her years away from InnovaCare, she worked for Centerlight HealthCare as Executive VP and COO. There, she oversaw all management and strategic direction of the company’s managed care division. She is also attributed to playing a significant role in the company’s development and implementation of a new health model.

Penelope Kokkinides has demonstrated her expertise numerous times of her 20-plus-years career. She has extensive knowledge of developing clinical programs and managing health care operations. She has a unique talent for improving efficiencies and organizational infrastructure. She has degrees from Binghamton University, New York University, and the Columbia University School of Public Health.

Both of these professionals are the embodiment of what InnovaCare Health is all about. InnovaCare’s mission is to redefine healthcare management. Today’s healthcare environment is too complex and had too many challenges that regular people can’t meet on their own.

That’s where InnovaCare comes into play. Their focus and dedication center on creating unbreakable patient-provider relationships. InnovaCare uses all at its disposal to build sustainable managed care models that maximize coordination, cost-effectiveness, and quality according to

Lifeline Screening, Preventative Healthcare

Lifeline Screening offers over 20 different screenings, but each person only gets the ones that are appropriate to their needs. This is decided by their risk factors, family history, medical history, and any personal preferences the patient has towards screening.

Early identification of risk factors can help determine a person’s risk for stroke or heart attack. If caught early enough, possibly they can get medical care before these actually occur. This is the reason everyone should consider a prevention and wellness plan.

There are three types of preventative health screenings: Ultrasound Screening, Finger-stick Screening, and Electrocardiograph Screening.

Ultrasound Screenings are painless and non-invasive. These are used to monitor several medical conditions. Most people are familiar with these because of pregnant women getting them to watch the growth of their unborn baby.

They ultrasound uses soundwaves to view the parts of the body. High-frequency sound waves are sent to the area and it sends echoes back, which are recorded.

Ultrasounds are used for four different screenings: abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, carotid artery disease screening, ankle-brachial index screening (peripheral arterial disease), and bone mineral density screening (osteoporosis).

The Finger-stick Blood Screening identifies risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Results are given in about 10 minutes.

The following screenings are done with the finger-stick: complex lipid panel screening (cholesterol), glucose screening (diabetes), high sensitivity C-reactive protein screening (cardiovascular disease), and elevated enzymes screening (liver injury).

The Limited Electrocardiograph is used to detect irregular heartbeat, a common heart condition that increases the risk of stroke. It is quick, non-invasive, no preparation or removal of clothes.

The screening results will provide you and your doctor with a better view of your overall health and, if necessary, you can change your lifestyle or begin treatment before serious health problems occur you should see Lifeline Screening.

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George Soros’ Passion in Maintaining Liberalism in the United States and the World

George Soros is the definition of a Nazi-reign survivor who uses his not so good experiences to do good in the society. He was born in Hungary and lived to survive the era after his father adopted a name to camouflage. He escaped the nation at a young age and earned a degree in economics from the London School of Economics. After graduation, he worked at a London-based bank and later relocated to the States to work on Wall Street. In 1969 George branched away to start a hedge fund with a capital base of $12 million, which currently has the name brand, Quantum Fund. George made his iconic move in 1992 when he predicted the trade of the British correctly and made billions from the deal. Since the big break, he has maintained an impressionable financial career by shortchanging various currencies around the world. George’s Foundation, Soros Fund Management, values at $30 billion and is under the present leadership of Dawn Fitzpatrick, a female Wall Street core player. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros is a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party for its liberalism. While growing up in Europe, he gained a vast experience of the downsides of conservatism and vowed his life to helping the society live a free and progressive life. Despite his option to stay away from public political events such as inaugurations and nominations, George is the life force of some of the most influential political figures in the US. In 2004, he donated $27 million towards supporting George W. Bush. In 2016, the Federal Election Commission stated that George injected $25 million into Hilary Clinton’s movement. George’s associates and spokespeople revealed that George’s close involvement with the campaign was to preserve tolerable immigration laws, secure criminal regulations and religious freedom. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros believes that Trump is a threat to the social progression of the world and has faith that with the right amount of support, the US will maintain and grow liberalism. During the 2016 national campaign period, Clinton received the backing of wealthy supporters such as Tom Steyer who parted with$31 billion. Don Sussman donated $13.2 million, and Haim Fred Eychaner contributed $11.1 million. However, according to the FEC, Soros has topped the list of the most generous contributors.

George made several contributions such as follows:

  • Priorities USA received $7 million
  • Immigration Voters received $5 million
  • Voting Rights Trust received $5 million
  • America Votes received $2 million
  • Senate Majority PAC received $1.5 million each
  • End Citizens United received $5000

Apart from donating to political movements, George is passionate about protecting women’s rights, promoting disability rights, ending religious discrimination, counterterrorism and improving international justice. In 2016, he gave $4 million to the Human Rights Institute of the University of Connecticut, $5 million to the International Crisis and $5million to UNICEF.

Spark does Well in Igniting Others

There are actually a few good men remaining in the public eye, and within the business world. Marc Parks just happen to be one of them. And, like many people who choose to do good, he does it in more way than one every day. He uses his business connections, resources and just a little bit of his fortune and gets people and communities involved with helping one another. In turn, they help themselves, and the in time the whole world. One of the ways that he accomplishes this is through his project called the Spark Tank.


Yes, the organization’s name has a double meaning. But, its purpose and actions are nothing but honorable and pure, which is a good thing. What the Spark Tank does helps NPO (Non-Profit Organizations) and it also gifts them with a certain amount of resources and backing to help keep them running. It is a fairly new project with only one previous winner. This cycle’s beneficiary is Mommies in Need, which is an organization that provides free childcare to families that are dealing with medical emergencies. This awarding process is one way for local NGOs in the Dallas Fort Worth area to receive a little needed assistance.


Things like the Spark Tank are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the professional service that Marc provides to others in his day-to-day life. He actually has a project called The Samaritan Inn under his belt and supervision. It is a resource center that houses and feeds those who are in need of service while they draft a way to better opportunity. This happens every day for more than 200 lucky individuals. However, the days of this professional are not just spent caring for a couple of hundred of his closest friends, there is work to be done. And, few people do so work with the reverence and focus that this business man does as he does it so well.


Mark Spark is a venture capitalists, which means he knows every word there is for money in the English language and how that money works to run the machine that is global capitalism. And, within his days spent capitalizing, the man goes through a certain amount of presentations. That is to say he sees a lot of bad ones and would like to see this trend stop. To that end, he has advice for people who want to give a better presentation when representing their product to others. The rules to doing this are simple and there are just four of them.


One, every visual in your presentation needs to have a point to make and some connection to salient information. Two, keep the story and purpose of your presentation legitimate, because nobody likes like a hair-brained or half-baked idea blurted out loud in front of a room full of colleagues no less. Three, keep it simple and civil, please and thanks. Four, present your idea with the fullest force available of your team at your side.



The Excellence of Madison Street Capital in offering Financial Guidance

Madison Street Capital is a firm that has been recognized for the top investment banking solutions that it offers to businesses across the globe. The company recently assisted ARES Security Corporation in completing its minority recapitalization transaction. ARES Security is a trusted enterprise that has majored in developing state-of-the-art technology that helps businesses and governments in protecting highly valuable assets. The president of the security firm, Ben Eazzetta, said that he was grateful for the excellent services that it received from Madison Street Capital in 2016. One of the administrators of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh, believes that the management team of the company is highly skilled and experienced. The investment banking enterprise strived to ensure that ARES Security gets a reliable financing partner.


Madison Street Capital offered outstanding guidance to ARES Security in the past year. Mr. Eazzetta thanked the investment banking firm for working hard to ensure that it gets a dependable financing associate. Madison Street Capital’s employees devoted themselves to making sure that ARES Security established an excellent capital structure by teaming up with a partner that is determined to facilitating its goals. Corbel Structured Equity Partners will be working with ARES as its new financial partner. The security company believes that the Corbel will significantly assist it in developing a substantial equity. The partnership will help the business in bettering the methods that it uses in selling products and also enable it to take advantage of new opportunities in the markets. Corbel Structured Equity Partners currently manages more than $95 million, and it is considered as one of the leading investment funds.


ARES Security offers excellent programs that have enabled it to gain global recognition. The central premises of the enterprise are located in Vienna, Virginia Atlanta. The firm is a leader in the offering technology that is used for controlling security risks. Its products are used in protecting critical projects that are owned by the government, nuclear plants, and companies in the energy sector.


Madison Street Capital is a multinational firm that provides excellent investment guidance. The company’s primary services are merger and acquisitions, estimating the worth of businesses, and providing financial alternatives. The Madison Street Capital reputation has been enhanced by the excellent services that it offers. The enterprise is devoted to excellence, leadership, integrity, and service. It strives to ensure that its clients access emerging markets to assist them in growing internationally.


Sawyer Howitt’s Second Love is Racquetball

To many, Sawyer Howitt seems like your average high-school kid. As the son of Meriwether Group founder David Howitt, Sawyer has gained a knowledge of the corporate world, which has helped during his internship at the family business.

But Meriwether Group isn’t Sawyer Howitt’s other passion.

Like other kids, Sawyer Howitt has a love of sports, especially racquetball.

Since 2015, Sawyer has been an avid racquetball player, competing in numerous tournaments. He often plays for The Racquet Club of Portland, one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in Oregon. During his time playing racquetball, Sawyer has competed in state championships, yet came up short in the final round.

Even when he’s not playing on the court, Sawyer’s love of racquetball continues to follow him. He can sometimes be found blogging about the aspects of racquetball on his blog.

Sawyer Howitt’s love of the sport along with his impressive skills have made him one of the top, young racquetball players in Portland. Spectators and sports writers are so amazed by Sawyer that many believe he could have a successful career as a racquetball player.


To What Extent Will Dick DeVos Go To Help People

Dick DeVos is a family man, businessman, politician and philanthropist. He is also a very successful billionaire, having amassed wealth from corporations in which he is part and parcel. Ever since Dick was a young man, DeVos detested seeing people around him suffer from poverty. With Dick DeVos being a devout Christian, he chose to do something that would help minority groups earn themselves a place in a society full of elite people. To this end, Dick has used foundations to offer monetary donations to different organizations. Sectors that interest Dick include leadership and education. To date, the DeVos family line has given out more than a hundred and thirty-nine million dollars for charities alone.


Mr. Dick is a firm believer in young people. He has a deep conviction that with the proper nurturing, then honorable men and women can be nurtured to become America’s next leaders. To this end, he has forged partnerships with some Christian based schools, and even gone the extra mile of giving them monetary donations, so that they can be able to train young minds to be upright in doctrine and faithful in responsibility.


Education is another pillar that greatly interests Dick. As a billionaire and philanthropist, he is primarily interested in schools that offer their students technical training. He is majorly interested in such institutions since they produce graduates who are ready to penetrate the job market and cause an immediate uproar due to an increase in the level of productivity. Also, he has used his finances to support technical schools improve capacity, and even purchase modern equipment necessary for learning.


Mr. DeVos and family have had a long political history. They are majorly known to be solid strong supporters of the Republican Party. As a result, they often provide monetary support to their most preferred candidates. It is the money issued that facilitates Republican Party campaigns and operations. For a long time, the DeVos’ have been able to bring many powerful leaders to a place of authority. Dick’s belief in an active leadership system is openly evident based on the type of individuals he has assisted to get elected into public office. At one point in time, Dick DeVos also tried to contend as the Governor of Michigan. He has also worked for the national government in the capacity of Cabinet Secretary of Education. Therefore, Mr. DeVos is an individual with the will to help others.