Cotemar’s Role in the Energy Sector in Mexico

The energy industry in Mexico is becoming rough to the companies which won the first round of tenders and are eager to make a profit out of their investments. Pemex was the sole operator, supplier, and customer of these companies. If they manage to do well, it will be beneficial to Mexico considering that adverse effects which came with the exhaustion of Cantarell. It reduced the production of oil by a million barrels a day. The only thing Pemex needs to do is build relationships with companies and increase their efficiency.


Considering the new companies already own wells, most of them will have to resolve land conflicts they had with the previous sole operator (Pemex). One of the companies, Cotemar, had the same problem in Veracruz. Other companies have to deal with infrastructure theft and organized crime while some will solve their regulatory problems. It is a good sign for Mexico’s economy since all these companies are planning to score highly in the market.


Cotemar was established in 1979 and began its operations as a service company for Mexico’s energy sector. The company has since grown to be among the leading in the industry, as they provide Petroleos Mexicanos with offshore services using states of the art vessels. Cotemar does not only offer products and services to the oil sector but also meets the high standards of quality and environmental protection. It is dedicated to providing the best customer service and ensuring the development of the country. The mission of the company is to be a world-class sustainable company in the energy sector and offering innovative services to its clients and stakeholders. Cotemar provides maintenance and engineering, modernization and construction services. It includes the maintenance and rehabilitation of Pemex’s platforms and processing centers.


The objective of the company in offering these services is to install materials in the right place at the right time while protecting the environment, and to ensure profitability by reducing the costs and increasing the value of the work. Cotemar provides housing platforms which have the capacity of accommodating up to eight hundred people. They semi-submersible platforms are advantageous because they can quickly move to places where operations are required. There are specialized boats which aid in the transportation of material and personnel. The company also offers food services. Cotemar offers training courses and innovative workshops and has contacts with local and international universities. The service company aims at attracting new employees and retaining those who do excellent work.


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The Founder of Solvy: Successful Entrepreneur And Caring Philanthropist

Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov is a man that really cares about others. Since graduating from INSEAD University with an MBA and a medical degree, he has gone on to become very wealthy. But he has not turned his back on the less fortunate.

He has created many resources to help Russians that want to attend business school or start a business. He also works with the Russian government to give provide economic guidance as well as support for Russian tech start-ups and other entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to expand throughout Russia.

Alexei Beltyukov has helped create the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD to provide financial support for Russians accepted to the school but unable to afford the tuition. He has also created Endemic Capital, an organization that offers angel funding to new Russian businesses, as well as A-Ventures Limited, a company which provides Russian companies with financial support.

Beltyukov also works with the Skolkovo Foundation and has started a number of other organizations designed to help people throughout Russia that are struggling and need help turning dreams and ideas into productive action.

He has not forgotten the issues that face high school students in Russia and elsewhere struggling to master mathematics. In 2015 Alexi Beltyukov accepted a position as Chief Operating Officer of Solvy. Learn more about more Alexi Beltyukov:

Through that organization he is helping to develop an online math learning service that makes math education a lot more accessible to students in high school and the educators that work with them. The software gives students the opportunity to practice solving equations and work with graphs, tables and word problems. The software also offers the option to get instant feedback once they complete the math drills.

Alexei Beltyukov is an Interactive Educational Services board member so he understands the needs of students and educators. So he is helping to create a customized approach to exploring and studying math that comes with personalized recommendations from teachers.

This program as well as his work with New Gas Technologies, Mechanicus and assisting Russian businesses helps to identify Alexei Beltyukov as a committed philanthropist that really cares about others.

He founded the INSEAD Russian alumni scholarship. He was involved in the Enterprise in Residence at the same University. This foundation helps the MBA in their different ventures. Alexi Beltyukov is a member of the British Society of Immunology. He is also looking to join a non-profit organization.

Alexi Beltyukov has a Doctor of Medicine in Internal Medicine. He attended the Stanford University and Singularity University. He received his Masters of Business Administration from INSEAD,

In 1999, he submitted a publication in Unlocking Economic Growth in Russia.

Where One Can Learn About Jason Hope

Fortunately, Jason Hope is someone that one could learn from. One good thing is that the internet is filled with a lot of information on many of the successful entrepreneurs and businesses. Therefore, it is not difficult to find something on the entrepreneur. Among the entrepreneurs that have a lot that people could learn from is Jason Hope. He has a lot of information all over the net. He even has his own blog and articles published online so that people could read about what he has to say on different topics.

Jason Hope has been involved in interviews where he talks about technology and health. This is something that is helpful to the entrepreneur in that it gives him a lot of ideas on what he can do. One of the best things that Jason Hope can share is the methodology of his success. This can give the entrepreneur plenty of hope as he tries some of the methods that he has learned from Jason’s content.

Hope is very passionate about technology and health. Not only does he has a lot of information on many different pieces of technology, but he also has ideas on the best direction to take in the future with technology. Jason Hope is also a futurist as well as an entrepreneur. Therefore, he likes to talk about where technology and other aspects of life are going. He is hoping to help bring forth a more proactive way for treating age related illnesses. He understands that being proactive with one’s health is a lot more effective than just treating every symptom that shows up.

When to Refinance through Ignition Financial

Buying a new or used car is a major purchase an investment. Next to buying a home, it is the biggest purchase that most people will make in their lifetime. In many cases, buying a car will require taking out a loan. Similar to refinancing student loans or mortgages, it can also be beneficial to refinance an auto loan. Those that are looking to slash my payments, should consider refinancing their auto loan through Ignition Financial. This company could benefit a bar were a number of different ways.


One way that Ignition Financial can provide a financial benefit to a borrower is by reducing their monthly payment. Auto loan payments can take up a significant portion of a consumer’s budget. If you have taken out an auto loan and are paying a high interest-rate, you could save a lot of money by refinancing your auto loan today. As long as your credit has remained intact and you have equity in your car, you could refinance into a much lower rate today. This will lead to an immediate reduction in your monthly payment due.


While reducing your interest-rate can reduce your monthly payment, you can also save money by extending your repayment time. With an auto loan refinance, those that have equity in their cars will have the ability to recast their loan over a new five or six year term. Doing this will extend the amount of time until your car loan is paid off, but will reduce your monthly payment in the interim.


Many consumers today are also able to use a refinance through a new auto loan to take cash out of their cars. If you have had your car for a number of years and have pay down your loan as agreed, you likely have some equity in your car. When refinancing your loan, you will have the ability to liquidate some of that equity. The money that you received can then be used for any purpose you want including paying down higher interest-rate debt, making home repairs, or even taking a vacation. The money that you do take out of your car will then be applied to your new auto loan balance.

Fabletics Takes on Amazon to Become an Activewear Leader

Fabletics adopted the reverse showrooming strategy to ensure the success of its products. The company attracts customers in both the offline and online markets. The affordability of Fabletics products has enhanced the reverse showrooming business strategy. Fabletics works through a membership and subscription business model. Customers that find products on other e-commerce stores expensive shift to purchasing from Fabletics at discounted prices. The ease of purchasing online or offline has increased the company’s addressable markets.


New members that want to join Fabletics membership program have to answer a simple questionnaire first. The quiz seeks to find the user’s lifestyle, fashion tastes, and body type. The aim of the survey is to help the firm know a customer’s tastes in fashion. From the answers provided, Fabletics can recommend products that will be relevant to the consumer. Once you create an account and sign up for the membership program, you get to pick clothing items of your choice every month. The membership business model ensures that you can purchase clothing items effortlessly. The membership model is flexible because you can skip a particular month without being charged. Fabletics has another option of VIP membership. Subscribers receive items every month at a discount. Getting up with the membership program is easy because one can sign up at the website for free.


Fabletics is a company that competes in the activewear and sportswear marketplace. At the start, the company faced huge competition from technology giants like Amazon. Amazon controls 20 percent of the e-commerce industry. New companies that want to enter the markets find it difficult to compete with such huge giants. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics went against all the odds when it achieved business success with the firm. In just three years after starting, the company has achieved a growth of $250 million. The trick is because of Fabletics business strategy that enhances reverse showrooming. It is a powerful tool that attracts customers from other companies to purchase from Fabletics. The firm has created a great ease of shopping and attracted many buyers.


Fabletics understands the current markets quite well. In the previous years, companies that succeed always focused on quality and affordability of their products. The changing times have changed a customer’s perception to shopping. High quality and affordability no longer determine whether a customer is going to purchase from your company. Customers today focus on experience, satisfaction, and product design when purchasing. A company that excels in all these is set to achieve a significant level of success. Fabletics has built on customer experience and product design to create elite products that customers like.


The company has expanded by opening brick and mortar stores in different parts of the world. It has moved forth and established stores in Hawaii, Florida, and Illinois. The success with the brick and mortar stores is an indication that the firm’s strategy is paying and working well. Fabletics knows that the firm’s dedication has made many customers happy.

The Millennial from the Business Sector is Carrying a Pay Card that Also Allows Him or Her Networking Opportunities

When twenty-three old entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, decided to create a way for his peer group to gain a better foothold, into the business community: he thought of many different scenarios.

One area that he noticed, which required remedy, was that many professionals carried a preferred credit card, providing, not too much, in the way of interaction with the local business community. McFarland states that the credit card, per se, does not offer its user, generally-speaking, with deals or discounts, relative to the local community.

The Black Magnises card was introduced, in order to provide a solution. Where the Magnises card is handier than a mere credit card is that it also offers its Millennial professional demographic with special deals, respective of the venues the Millennial professional visits most.

According to The Guardian, The pay option comes about, according to Billy McFarland, in that a bank or credit card, of the Magnises user, can be tied to the Magnises card.

The Magnises company has partnered, accordingly, with some of the city’s best eateries, establishments which serve drinks and do up “Happy Hours,” with pizzazz. City nightclubs are other places, too, wherein, the Millennial card holder is able to gain easy access.

In conclusion, the Magnises card is not just a pay card. It provides deals, at preferred city locations, and access to some of the metropolitan area’s best private events. It is the new prestigious card, everyone in the professional Millennial community, is embracing and carrying inside his or her wallet or pocketbook.

Auto Refinancing – Is it for you?

Auto Refinancing – A new stress-free way to pay off your car loans – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But hey, many of you are too new to the world of refinancing to know what it even means. Don’t sweat; we are here to spell it out for you.


Simply put, refinancing a car means that you take out a new loan to pay off the loan you initially took for your car, along with new terms of payment. It’s kind of like a loan, for a loan.


Well, here’s why refinancing is an easier option for paying off your car loans.


You may be wondering – why would I choose to pay off another loan? Well, it’s easier said than done. A lot of times, the monthly bills add up and paying the vehicle loan payment just seems to make a bigger dent in your pocket than it should. In that case, with refinancing, you can adjust the amount to pay to be smaller amounts, stretched out, over an extended period of time.


But, you may be thinking, if I extend the time period, won’t I end up paying more in terms of interest? Well, the answer to that is, no. You see, when you opt to refinance your vehicle, not only will you get a longer time frame to pay off your already smaller payments, you also get a lower interest rate which means, you will be saving a lot more every month.


However, if you wish instead have a much shorter loan period because the other loan you took is taking too long to pay off, you can opt to make bigger payments. It’s all possible with refinancing.


Or maybe, when you did buy your car, you didn’t get a very good rate for it. Well, instead of being sad about it, you could just refinance and get a better rate and make it all better.


Grasping all of this can be tough. That’s why you should leave it to the experts. And no, we don’t mean refinancing isn’t for you. It means that there are people out there to help you and make this entire process much simpler so that you can sit back and not have to worry about a thing. When you say “slash my payments” we come in to save the day.


In the right vehicle? You now need the right loan. Not to mention the right people to help you with the process of getting that loan. Ignition Financial does just that.


At Ignition Financial, their Professional Financial Loan Advisors will walk you through the entire process of matching you with the best loan refinancing option available. With their simple online process, you can apply for a refinanced loan anywhere, anytime.


Ignition Financial Loan Advisors aren’t only trained regarding finance but also are experts in the automobile field. This helps them guide you through the entire process of refinancing your vehicle to get the best possible match for you.


Based on your credit history, Ignition Financial Loan Advisors, with, will help you secure your refinancing loan with an interest rate and payment that is just right for you.



Anthony Petrello, Competent and Intelligent: He Makes A Challenge Look Easy

Standing firm, listening with an open mind and connecting to employees and those the company serves with ease and charm helps run a major business. President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Anthony G. Petrello of Nabors Industries Ltd serves as head of this company. Tony Petrello uses adept skills and talents to carry out the company’s many goals.

Anthony Petrello received his B.S. and M.S. from Yale University and his J.D. from Harvard. He practiced international, arbitration, taxation and corporate law on at Baker & McKenzie law firm’s New York office before he joined Nabor. Born in Newark, NJ, Petrello comes from a close Italian family. His personal life includes his wife Cynthia a former dancer and his 17-year-old daughter named Carena.

His generous salary and bonus compensate for his absolute and indisputable dedication to Nabor Inc. He receives $1,580,077 for his base salary and $7,727,000 as a bonus on Texas Also, he receives $16,863,656 awarded as stock and $1,342,206 comes from other types of compensation as of 2015. Nabor Industries Ltd., founded in 1968 offers rigs for offshore drilling. S&P 500 lists them as a public oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor with close to 27,000 employees. Nabors Inc has offices located throughout the Americas, the Middle East, the Far East, and Africa.

Reviews from employees applaud Nabor Industries as a safe first company with excellent opportunities for growth within the company. Contractors and employees reference the well maintained rigs and equipment Nabor Industries uses when they discuss the superb processes this company uses to finish projects and manage a safe environment for all.

Positive reviews come mainly because of Nabor’s previous CEO Eugene Isenberg. Isenberg served for over 20 years, has a thorough knowledge of the company and after watching Tony Petrello for 20 years work in several roles, he felt it crucial to hand over the helm to Petrello. Petrello’s character reflects his acceptance of a 10 percent pay cut outlined in an article by Nora Olabi. He did this for the greater good of the company and allowed for the fluid merger of C&J Energy-Nabors. It is fine with Petrello that he was not listed as one of the top paid CEOs in 2014. Additionally, plummeting crude oil prices caused pay cuts for many, but Petrello understands sacrifices and what it takes to run a major company.

This positive trait extends to someone who roomed with Petrello in undergraduate school at Yale in the early 70’s. Lloyd Grove wrote a detailed article about his articulate, bold, garrulous, witty, and super-intelligent roommate.

Further, Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia give their time and money ($5 million so far) for more research on periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Unfortunately, this disease affects fetuses and premature babies. It is a brain disease which affects the white matter of the brain caused by a shortage of oxygen to the brain. Anthony and Cynthia Petrello give to Texas Children’s Hospital and the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute to bridge the gap with knowledge and research on this neurological disease


Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

On October 25, 2015, a consumer report stated that Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water had proudly announced significant growth since it’s launch. Not only had it seen growth, but astounding growth. In only the last year, a 5,000 percent growth which has everyone taking notice. How is this possible?

Crunchbase said authoritatively that over the past year, Waiakea Water has promoted a platform designed to focus on health and global community awareness. In this past year, Waiakea water has added more than 2,000 stores to it’s list of consumers. These stores are scattered over 30 U.S. states.

They have gone from selling several thousand cases a year to selling over 100,000 cases a year. This is huge growth any way you look at it. With this increase alone, Waiakea has been able to donate about 500 million liters of clean water to needy communities in Africa and around the world. Average increases each year show Waiakea grows about 170 percent each year. The company is worth over ten million dollars.

According to Ladisco, Waiakea Water’s mission is to help produce a quality product that in itself can be charitable.

They wanted to change the market of bottled water from a singular service or profit to a multiple faceted product that serves globally in several ways. The thought of having a product that can offer a service or item but also have a charitable aspect that serves a greater service was born.

The water they use comes from snow that melts and rain that melts or drops on the peak of Mauna Loa volcano, one of Hawaii’s active volcanoes. The snowmelt and rain water are filtered as they run through the volcanic rock. This volcanic rock also adds trace minerals which make the water electrolyte positive and naturally alkaline before making it’s appearance at Waiakea Spring.

Waiakea’s success can be attributed to several things such as a focus on health, ethics, and sustainability.

Learn more about Waiakea Water:

David Osio’s New Real Estate Application

Earlier this summer, David Osio announced that the Davos Real Estate Group would be launching an application intent on empowering clients in their investment decisions.


The Davos Real Estate Group sits under the umbrella of the Davos Financial Group, a financial group with international reach that has provided tested financial advice to clients for more than twenty years. Prioritizing investment strategy, Davos Financial Group works closely with clients to tailor consulting services to their specific needs. The Davos Cap Calculator builds on that attentive relationship by empowering clients with more useful information.


With it, clients will be able to estimate the potential return on investment when buying property, even take into consideration expenses that come into play when acquiring new assets.


It’s only the first application that will precede a wave of technological solutions Davos Real Estate wants to extend to their clientele. Some applications will help clients identify some properties worth considering for purchase, research the ownership histories of properties, and even link up with Davos agents via chat. All this will be made available through mobile platforms, and the Cap Calculator is available now on Andriod and iOS devices.


David Osio has noted the turn towards a more tech savvy future is still in line with the overall mission of Davos Real Estate Group. The development of mobile apps makes it possible for those business objectives to be extended to clients by helping them make sense of the real estate market in the United States.


As the name suggests the second app extended to Davos Real Estate Group clients will allow them to budget more prudently for month-to-month expenses prior to purchasing property by working with bank projections to determine their potential mortgage. It takes into consideration details like funding periods and associated rate of interest.


This turn toward tech makes sense when one considers the international ambitions Osio has for his real estate company. With an online presence going mobile, Davos Real Estate Group is also preparing for a strategic push into European real estate markets, starting off with Spain.


About David Osio:


David Osio is the CEO and Founder of the Davos Financial Group, building on his professional career in business strategy. By personally involving himself in daily operations, Osio has become an instrumental partner in establishing relationships with both clients and partners since starting out at Banco Latino, managing personal and professional assets.


With over twenty years managing assets, David Osio’s Davos Financial Group has grown into an influential member of financial communities across Latin America, the United States and the UK.

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