Sawyer Howitt’s Second Love is Racquetball

To many, Sawyer Howitt seems like your average high-school kid. As the son of Meriwether Group founder David Howitt, Sawyer has gained a knowledge of the corporate world, which has helped during his internship at the family business.

But Meriwether Group isn’t Sawyer Howitt’s other passion.

Like other kids, Sawyer Howitt has a love of sports, especially racquetball.

Since 2015, Sawyer has been an avid racquetball player, competing in numerous tournaments. He often plays for The Racquet Club of Portland, one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in Oregon. During his time playing racquetball, Sawyer has competed in state championships, yet came up short in the final round.

Even when he’s not playing on the court, Sawyer’s love of racquetball continues to follow him. He can sometimes be found blogging about the aspects of racquetball on his blog.

Sawyer Howitt’s love of the sport along with his impressive skills have made him one of the top, young racquetball players in Portland. Spectators and sports writers are so amazed by Sawyer that many believe he could have a successful career as a racquetball player.