Spark does Well in Igniting Others

There are actually a few good men remaining in the public eye, and within the business world. Marc Parks just happen to be one of them. And, like many people who choose to do good, he does it in more way than one every day. He uses his business connections, resources and just a little bit of his fortune and gets people and communities involved with helping one another. In turn, they help themselves, and the in time the whole world. One of the ways that he accomplishes this is through his project called the Spark Tank.


Yes, the organization’s name has a double meaning. But, its purpose and actions are nothing but honorable and pure, which is a good thing. What the Spark Tank does helps NPO (Non-Profit Organizations) and it also gifts them with a certain amount of resources and backing to help keep them running. It is a fairly new project with only one previous winner. This cycle’s beneficiary is Mommies in Need, which is an organization that provides free childcare to families that are dealing with medical emergencies. This awarding process is one way for local NGOs in the Dallas Fort Worth area to receive a little needed assistance.


Things like the Spark Tank are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the professional service that Marc provides to others in his day-to-day life. He actually has a project called The Samaritan Inn under his belt and supervision. It is a resource center that houses and feeds those who are in need of service while they draft a way to better opportunity. This happens every day for more than 200 lucky individuals. However, the days of this professional are not just spent caring for a couple of hundred of his closest friends, there is work to be done. And, few people do so work with the reverence and focus that this business man does as he does it so well.


Mark Spark is a venture capitalists, which means he knows every word there is for money in the English language and how that money works to run the machine that is global capitalism. And, within his days spent capitalizing, the man goes through a certain amount of presentations. That is to say he sees a lot of bad ones and would like to see this trend stop. To that end, he has advice for people who want to give a better presentation when representing their product to others. The rules to doing this are simple and there are just four of them.


One, every visual in your presentation needs to have a point to make and some connection to salient information. Two, keep the story and purpose of your presentation legitimate, because nobody likes like a hair-brained or half-baked idea blurted out loud in front of a room full of colleagues no less. Three, keep it simple and civil, please and thanks. Four, present your idea with the fullest force available of your team at your side.