The Founder of Solvy: Successful Entrepreneur And Caring Philanthropist

Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexei Beltyukov is a man that really cares about others. Since graduating from INSEAD University with an MBA and a medical degree, he has gone on to become very wealthy. But he has not turned his back on the less fortunate.

He has created many resources to help Russians that want to attend business school or start a business. He also works with the Russian government to give provide economic guidance as well as support for Russian tech start-ups and other entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to expand throughout Russia.

Alexei Beltyukov has helped create the Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD to provide financial support for Russians accepted to the school but unable to afford the tuition. He has also created Endemic Capital, an organization that offers angel funding to new Russian businesses, as well as A-Ventures Limited, a company which provides Russian companies with financial support.

Beltyukov also works with the Skolkovo Foundation and has started a number of other organizations designed to help people throughout Russia that are struggling and need help turning dreams and ideas into productive action.

He has not forgotten the issues that face high school students in Russia and elsewhere struggling to master mathematics. In 2015 Alexi Beltyukov accepted a position as Chief Operating Officer of Solvy. Learn more about more Alexi Beltyukov:

Through that organization he is helping to develop an online math learning service that makes math education a lot more accessible to students in high school and the educators that work with them. The software gives students the opportunity to practice solving equations and work with graphs, tables and word problems. The software also offers the option to get instant feedback once they complete the math drills.

Alexei Beltyukov is an Interactive Educational Services board member so he understands the needs of students and educators. So he is helping to create a customized approach to exploring and studying math that comes with personalized recommendations from teachers.

This program as well as his work with New Gas Technologies, Mechanicus and assisting Russian businesses helps to identify Alexei Beltyukov as a committed philanthropist that really cares about others.

He founded the INSEAD Russian alumni scholarship. He was involved in the Enterprise in Residence at the same University. This foundation helps the MBA in their different ventures. Alexi Beltyukov is a member of the British Society of Immunology. He is also looking to join a non-profit organization.

Alexi Beltyukov has a Doctor of Medicine in Internal Medicine. He attended the Stanford University and Singularity University. He received his Masters of Business Administration from INSEAD,

In 1999, he submitted a publication in Unlocking Economic Growth in Russia.

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